Whether you are choosing burial, cremation, or are not connected with a church, you may not want a traditional funeral. Fortunately, we offer a unique alternative: Celebration of Life, led by our Certified Celebrant, Natalie Proulx.

A funeral doesn’t have to be a time to mourn—it can also be a time to celebrate. Our Celebrations of Life are different from the traditional funeral. With these customized ceremonies, you can honour your loved one in any way you see fit.

Natalie is a licenced funeral director who has also been officiating funeral ceremonies since 2001, as well as weddings and other  community events. 

She is  available for educational seminars on death care,  and is pleased to provide tours or be a guest speaker to service clubs, churches, schools or healthcare groups  on death,  dying,  grief and funeral customs.

Our funeral home believes in the importance of a unique and personalized funeral service that recognizes the importance and individuality of the person who has died. Our in-house celebrant meets with families directly before the event begins, listening to their stories and learning more about the person and the value they brought to the world. Afterward, she will use the stories she received from family and friends, as well as their service preferences, to create a ceremony to fit the life that they lived. These services can be tailored to any faith or lifestyle, and be as colourful, or spiritual, as a family wishes.

Unsure what is right for you? See our funeral arrangement page to help you decide which officiant best suits your family's needs.

"Her service was amazing, she took the time to find out who he truly was and was able to create both a heartwarming yet comedic service which was him. It was like she had known him all along". - Ashley D.