The following is a list of many of the local cemeteries in our area. A growing number of cemeteries are beginning to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their services, fees and applicable bylaws. 

 Port Colborne

Mount St. Joseph Cemetery  
Lakeshore Road East Port Colborne ON
Phone: 289-213-2509

Overholt Cemetery  
3rd Concession East of Chippawa Road Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-835-2900
Contact: City of Port Colborne

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery  
Pinecrest Road Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-835-2511

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery  
3rd Concession East of Chippawa Road next to Overholt Cemetery Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-834-0590


Maple Lawn Cemetery  
Smith Road off of Highway #3 Wainfleet ON
Phone: 905-899-3022

Morgan's Point Cemetery  
Lakeshore Road West next to Morgan's Point United Church Wainfleet ON
Phone: 905-899-3022

Oakwood Cemetery  
Lakeshore Road West at Quarry Road Wainfleet ON
Phone: 905-899-3022

Zion Cemetery  
Zion Road off of Higway #3 Wainfleet ON
Phone: 905-899-3022


Ridgeway Memorial Cemetery  
Southwest Corner of intersection of Ridgeway Road and Farr Avenue Ridgeway ON
Phone: 905-871-1600 ext. 2430


Bertie Brethren In Christ Cemetery  
Church Road next to the Bertie Brethren In Christ Church Bertie ON
Phone: 905-382-2139


Emmanuel Lutheran (Beach's) Cemetery  
Beach Road Sherkston ON
Phone: 905-894-4111
Contact: Mr. Wayne Scott


Doan's Ridge Cemetery  
Doan's Ridge Road and Ridge Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-1414

Holy Cross Cemetery  
50 Woodlawn Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-734-4172

Woodlawn Cemetery  
Niagara St. and Woodlawn Road Welland ON
Phone: 905-732-1414


Fonthill Cemetery  
Brock St. Fonthill ON
Phone: 905-892-2607

Hillside Cemetery  
Canboro Road Fonthill ON
Phone: 905-892-2607


Pleasantview Memorial Gardens  
2250 Highway #20 Thorold ON
Phone: 905-892-2611