If you're looking for a relaxing setting for a meal or something on the run, here are some restaurants that offer just that. Some of the restaurants offer a cozy dinning room setting or you can eat outside on their patios, weather permitting. The menus have something for everyone including a complete selection of steaks, chicken and pasta as well as a children's menu.  If you would like to call ahead to book a reservation, we have conveniently provided you with addresses and phone numbers.

Port Colborne

Lucy's Cafe & Catering  
90 Nickel Street Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-834-7811

San Marcos Ristorante Inc.  
164 Clarence Street Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-834-1345

Tie Pink Restaurant  
17 Charlotte Street Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-835-8377

Walter's and Neptunes Restaurant  
258 West Street Port Colborne ON
Phone: 905-835-1791

Smokin Buddah
265 King Street, Port Colborne ON

Breakwall Brewery
46 Clarence Street, Port Colborne ON

Canalside Restaurant Inn
232 West Street, Port Colborne, ON

Lock Wood Fired Pizza
11 Clarence Street, Port Colborne, ON

Eh Amigos Cantina
20 Clarence Street, Port Colborne, ON

Archies Subs and Eatery
95 Clarence Street, Port Colborne, ON

Flying Squirrel Bistro
27 Main Street, W, Port Colborne, ON